How to root and install TWRP to Firefly Intense Desire

Root and install TWRP to Firefly Intense Desire. Let’s Start!


Yes having Firefly Intense Desire Phone in your pocket is awesome. With it’s sleek, ultra thin profile, vibrant display, Firefly Intense Desire Phone is indeed a head turner. Under the hood is an overkill processor boasting 64 bit Octa-core processor and a whooping 3 Giga Byte of RAM, man this is more powerful than a laptop. How I wish someday Firefly Mobile will let me hold this magnificent device.

Too much for the intro, for the past few days I have been receiving emails requesting me to create a tutorial to make this very awesome phone to be a much more awesome Firefly Intense Desire Phone. I’m am not recommending this, but here it is. . . please closely follow the instruction below to avoid bricking your awesome Firefly Intense Desire Phone and rendering it useless and become and high tech paper weight. just kidding. . . peace

Before we begin, download the following necessary files provided with link below.

  1. KINGROOT 4.8.0  download here
  2. Rashr tools download here
  3. TWRP (rename to recovery.img) download here
  4. PHILZ (rename to recovery.img) download here

After you have download those files. Extract the files and put it in a folder preferably located in your desktop. Rename some files as indicated above to there respective alternative names.

This tutorial will give you step by step procedure to how to root and install TWRP to your firefly intense desire phone. This is not a bullet proof technique and I can’t guarantee that your phone will not brick, so do this at your own risk.

Ok let’s begin. . .

First things first. . . follow the steps below to root your phone

1. Install KINGROOT4.8.0.APK that you have downloaded earlier
2. Open Kingroot and click Optimize Now
3. Wait for the whole process to finish and click continue.
4. Your phone is now successfully rooted and you can start to uninstall unnecessary apps like Purify.
5. To check if the rooting is successfull you can download Rootchecker in Playstore to verify.
Now you that you have successfully rooted your Firefly Intense Desire phone. You can now proceed in installing the TWRP (custom recovery).
Lets begin. . .
1. Download Rashr Tool
2. Boot into Recovery
3. Locate recovery.img then flash!
You have now successfully Root and install TWRP to Firefly Intense Desire Phone.

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