How to unroot your MyPhone my28/my28s

Why you need to unroot your MyPhone my28/my28s?

Over the years I am an avid fan in rooting android phones. Rooting your android phone gives you many benefits, customized user interface, many fonts to choose from, you can install hacked software and many more. I have rooted all of my 5 android phones and all works well until one of my phone, MyPhone Rio Lite suddenly stop working and stock on boot. I reformat it and re-install its firmware, my MyPhone Rio Lite works again. A week later it started to behave weird, shut off for no reason and stock again to boot.

it is time to investigate. . .

I am very confused of what I have done wrong, so I started to investigate. I have recalled, I tried to update its firmware but fail and after that my phone starts to get weird and later stock to boot.

the root cause. . .

I have searched the internet and i found out the root cause of my phone weird behavior, it is because I updated the phone firmware when it is in root status. Yes it is very logical and it is true. Phone manufacture makes their update file thinking that your phone is in stock ROM, stock file structure and stock firmware. When you root your phone, the rooting process alters almost every aspect of your phone. ROM, file structure and firmware are totally altered.

a piece of advice. . .

Never update your phone firmware when it is in root status. Always unroot your device prior to updating its firmware.

I have rooted my phone. . .):

No problem. You can unroot your phone as easy as rooting. Follow the step by step procedure below to safely unroot your MyPhone my28/my28s.

Note: You can unroot your MyPhone my28/my28s provided you have rooted your phone using kingroot and not with other software. See “How to root MyPhone my28/my28s”

Let’s Begin . . .

First thing first. . . download the needed software below.

unroot myphone my28 using kingroot

Kingroot download here

Baby steps . . . 🙂

1. Download and install the latest Kingroot android app (link above)

2. Lunch Kingroot app, tap on settings, gear icon located at the top right side of the interface.

3. Under the setting page, tap on Root Authorization Setting > Click Remove Root Permission > then

Press Continue

4. A confirmation message shows up afterwards, tap on OK.


Congratulation you have successfully unroot you MyPhone my28/my28s.

If you change your mind and you want to root you phone again visit: “How to root MyPhone my28/my28s”

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