How to root Myphone my28/my28s

Root Myphone my28 the easy way. Just follow the step by step procedure below.

MyPhone Philippines and Smart Communications collaborated to bring us this cheapest smartphone ever,the myphone my28 and my28s. Yes it is cheap. . . but don’t be fooled by its price, this baby is a guzzling turbo charge smartphone with quad core processor under the hood. This phone is available at Smart Communication Outlet or Myphone Outlet at a very low price of P1088.


Out of stock

Most of the outlet are out of stocks, it seems that a lot of people bought this cheapest smartphone in the market.I got mine just a few days ago after several days of searching the internet for supplier.


Why should I Root my phone?

Rooting has become part of every android users today. Rooting is comparable to unleashing the beast within your phone. Rooting allows you to install apps and customize your phone to your liking. Once your MyPhone my28 gets rooted,  you can customize it whatever you want, you can change the font or the entire interface and you can also install apps that requires root access such as Link2SD.

I think rooting your device brings you a lot of advantages. The only drawback is rooting will void your warranty. But it will not be a problem anymore, you can “unroot” your device as easy as “rooting”, you will only click a button. You can see the procedures at “how to unroot my MyPhone my28/my28s“.


root myphone my28 using kingroot

Root MyPhone my28/my28s the easy way.

Let’s Begin. . .


  1. For this method, we are going to use the latest version of Kingroot kindly download and install it.
  2. Make sure your device is connected to Wifi. Launch Kingroot then tap root or green circle button.
  3. Once the check icon appear. It means your Myphone MY28 has been successfully rooted.
  4. Reboot your phone.

Check your app drawer, you will see a Kinguser which will be your root manager bundled with other Chinese applications, it was safe to remove though but make sure to keep the Kinguser. You can replace Kinguser by following the guide here  “How to replace Kinguser with SuperSU“. I already tested this method and it works on Myphone my28. If you have any question, you may post a comment on this article below.

Congratulation! You have successfully rooted your Myphone my28/my28s

You can also install TWRP recovery for your Myphone my28/my28s, visit “How to install TWRP to MyPhone my28/my28s”




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