How to Make a Rain Detector Using LM555 IC

Rain detector using LM555 IC is basically a Flood Detector with metal rods remove and replaced with rain sensor. You can see our Flood Detector here “How to Make a Flood Detector Using LM555 IC”

We love to sun dry our clothes outside our home. The smell of sun dried clothes is kinda different from a machine dried ones and we really love it. Best of all it doesn’t cost you a thing.

It’s Raining!

Oh no! It is very annoying when you see your almost dried clothes get wet again by rain. A whole day of waiting just melted away it is because your are busy watching TV and no one has warned you that it is raining outside. If only someone has warned me that is raining, I keep saying this phrase to my wife every time our clothes get soak wet by rain. Then one day my wife told me, why not use your expertise in electronics to help solve this problem.

Rain Detector Using LM555 IC is born!

We are not God that can stop the rain or command Mother nature to our liking. Mother Nature won’t lend an ear to us, she is unstoppable and bring wrath to us mortals without warning. Sad to say we can’t control Mother Nature but Gos is kind enough that He give us not only His only begotten Son, He also give us brain. He give us brain to survive even to the most unforgiving wrath of Nature. Ok so much for that, off topic already, just kidding.

Yes we can’t stop Mother Nature but we can predict her next move and be prepared for it.  Then the Rain Detector using LM555 IC is born. The detector will give us warning when it is about to rain.

When it rains it pours

Some says when it rains it pours, trust me that phrase is not true. The real thing is, rain start to drop as tiny droplets then it pours, that’s the truth. This tiny time window from start to the actual pour is crucial and spell difference between rain soak clothes to completely dried clothes. Early detection is the key and that is what this Rain detector using LM555 IC is made for.

The Parts List

1 piece LM555 IC

1 piece 2N2222 Transistor

3 pieces 10K Resistor

1 piece 5Volt Buzzer

1 piece Tack Switch

1 piece 5Volt Power Supply or battery

1 piece perf board/bread board/PCB

1 piece rain sensor

The Schematic

how to make rain detector using lm555 ic schematic diagram

How it works

The circuit works exactly as the “How to make a flood water detector using lm555 IC”, the only difference is the sensor. You can visit the link I provided for you to fully understand how the circuit works. It is discuss in details in that article. I will not explain it again her.

The Video Demonstration

The Conclusion

Rain Detector using LM555 IC help us a lot and currently we are planning to mass produced it so that it can help others too.  This project indeed has a useful application, easy and fun to build.


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