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Provides our user free access to Online TV, Free SMS, Electronic Projects Ideas and 3D Printing Project Ideas which other websites offer it as premium. Backed with 20 staff with diversified expertise, we can assure you that our contents are accurate and error free.

Below our advantage over other website.


Our Free SMS Service

1. We know you hate pop-up ads as much as we do. Our free sms service is pop-up ad free and forever it will be.

2. We are annoyed by never ending surveys, banner click and ad bullshit that is why we don’t have it in our free SMS service.

3. Have you tried sending an urgent message in the morning but your receiver receive it in the afternoon or the next day? It sucks right?Two things that causes that unwanted delay. Brown-out or Congested SMS Gateway Servers. We don’t want it to happen in our Free SMS service. That is why we employ Android Phone SMS Gateway Server as opposed to PC base SMS Gateway Servers. Our SMS Gateway can operate for two days with it’s built-in battery and 2 weeks if with power bank. Our Gateways are brown-out proof. We also employ redundant per network SMS Gateway. 1 set for Globe, 1 set for Smart and 1 set for Sun. We this equipment we can guarantee lightning fast delivery speed of your Free SMS.


Our Online TV Channels

1. Online TV Channels can be viewed on all platforms such windows, mac, linux, android and ios. We have have used our own modified java script to render this live stream across all platforms. What ever your gadget will be, we got you covered.

2. Online TV Channels are equip with internet connection speed analyzer to automatically select its optimum resolution from its fallback resolution to avoid buffering.Thereby providing our visitors with uninterrupted enjoyment.


Our Electronic Projects

1. Electronic projects are thoroughly scrutinized by our diversified staff prior to posting. Thus ensured all aspects are properly checked.

2. Electronic projects are with real life application not just another piece of junk to your DIY trash.


Our 3D Printing Projects

1. 3D printing projects has a real life application not just another waste of time and waste of filament.

2. 3d printing projects are thoroughly tested in our Prusa i3 Printer and all recommended printer settings are optimized for speed and money.


Yes! we know that we are nothing but just humans. Even we have the most sophisticated equipment and  a handful of 20 diversified staff we cannot prevent errors, that is why we provide a Contact Us page for everyone to give us correction, suggestion and recommendation.

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